Local Networking for Sales Prospects

Finding good prospects for your business is a simple thing.  Sometimes we overcomplicate it. 

First you need to 1) target your audience, 2) have a strong grasp of your offering (in terms of the value your firm adds), 3) know how you’re different (in a good way) and 4) have a message that encapsulates all this for the key target. 

Once that’s done, you’re ready to bring in leads.  Here are 10 tips that I recently covered at a presentation to the Scottsdale Job Network (www.scottsdalejobnet.com):

  1. Attend selected local events.  Make your list of groups that are in your target, and then volunteer time and “go deep” on three of them.
  2. Arrive early to events, and stay late.  Ask questions. Be friendly and personal.
  3. Help others.  Don’t drone on about you and your business.  Find ways to be valuable, and others will have value for you and your products/services.
  4. Be receptive to input.  Ask, absorb and modify… your materials, approach, etc.  Good ideas sometimes from the most surprising of places.
  5. Set up lunches and morning coffees when you can.  Jump in!  Hopefully you’re meeting folks in person (and on the phone) for a good part of the day. One meeting turns into 3, turns into 9, turns into 27…
  6. Be courteous.  Say “Thank you” and have lots of patience with busy people.  Make it easy for them, such as putting a signature on your e-mails, following-up with ‘next steps’, etc.
  7. Manage your contacts.  Use a system. Regularly prioritize to your targets.
  8. Be persistent.  Prospect and “close” at the same time without selling.
  9. ALWAYS be positive.  In public, it’s ALL good.  Be professional at all times.
  10. Be memorable.  Refine your ‘Show’ with your pitch, your dress, your manner….BE OUTSTANDING!  Not everyone will ‘buy’, but give yourself the best chance to win with your target market.

At Growth Nation, our marketing process has 3 outcomes.

  1. Increases brand value
  2. Increases number of leads
  3. Increases the conversion of leads to sales

It’s not about marketing, or sales, or networking – – – it’s ALL about growth.

Doug Bruhnke, CEO of Growth Nation (Scottsdale, AZ USA)


About Growth Nation

Growth Nation helps mid-sized and emerging firms reach their growth potential by developing and implementing successful marketing strategies and plans. We: • Listen • Build your brand • Increase good sales leads • Accelerate lead conversion • Grow your business with marketing that's 'just right' Our growth solutions have created over US$1 billion of new revenue and $500 million of new earnings in these industry segments: • Internet and Information Technology • Hardware and Software • Healthcare, Biotechnology and Life Sciences • Alternative Energy • Manufacturing and Engineering • Chemicals and Materials • Industrial and Automotive • Franchising • Professional Services • B2B, B2C and B2B2C
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