Paying Respects on 9/11

We took a break today from financial turmoil, lipsticked pigs and other distractions to remember September 11th 7 years ago.  All quiet: that’s good. 


I was working at a software company in Orem, Utah when it happened, and piecing it together at the time on the radio and internet was difficult.  It wasn’t until I got home later that day that the reality set in.  Well actually, the reality is still sinking in.


Dave Rice, CEO of True Cloud, told me today that he was in England at the time.  He remembers the tragedy – and the wonderful way the Brits became Americans that day.  All those he interacted with there were outraged and angry – and totally on our side.  He’ll never forget.


We must carefully pick our battles to selectively punish and destroy those who continue to plan and attack us. 

We still have friends all over the world.

All of us will remember.


God bless America.


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