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How Much Networking is Just Right?

How do you decide how much and where to network?  Every person and business is different.  Here are some thoughts for Growth Nation, where we target clients who are typically small business owners for companies in technology, manufacturing or service … Continue reading

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Special Event 12/16 with the Phoenix Business Journal

Economic conditions are placing obstacles in front of every business. As a result we’re supporting a special educational seminar benefitting local businesses being done in cooperation with the Phoenix Business Journal (http://phoenix.bizjournals.com/phoenix/) and Greater Phoenix SCORE (www.scorephoenix.org).   The special … Continue reading

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This Week in Phoenix: ‘After 5’ on Tuesday

The event of the week is the ‘After 5’ event with the Arizona Technology Council at Global IT Solutions.  Don’t miss it!  Unfortunately I’ll miss it because of a customer commitment, so tell me how it goes 😉   More … Continue reading

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Other Links to Growth Nation and AZIGG

Please feel free to visit these other sites for information on Growth Nation and AZIGG. http://www.growthnation.com http://www.azigg.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/dougbruhnke http://www.thejohnadamshow.com http://growthnation.ireporter.tv https://dougbruhnke.wordpress.com http://dougbruhnke.blogspot.com http://growglobally.blogspot.com http://phoenix.jobing.com/blog_author.asp?author=13894 http://twitter.com/dougbruhnke http://www.naymz.com/search/doug/bruhnke/1193650 http://www.urbanspoon.com/profile/11259/Doug-Bruhnke.html All the best, Doug    

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Gilbert Gottfried Is a Tough Act to Follow

Yes, the John Adam Show (www.thejohnadamshow.com) has moved to financial news radio 1510 on KFNN in Phoenix.   Yes, John is amazing!  The show starts at 9am every Friday and then continues on Saturday at 8am.   Yes, the Growth … Continue reading

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Thank you to COLD STONE (and KAHALA CORP)

Thank you, COLD STONE CREAMERY!   The Arizona International Growth Group (AZIGG) had another excellent crowd – 135 – at the headquarters of Cold Stone Creamery last Friday the 15th.  Thank you to Lee Knowlton – President of International for … Continue reading

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Local Networking for Sales Prospects

Finding good prospects for your business is a simple thing.  Sometimes we overcomplicate it.  First you need to 1) target your audience, 2) have a strong grasp of your offering (in terms of the value your firm adds), 3) know … Continue reading

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